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Most of the diseases that we have are trying to manage are lifestyle-related, and therefore preventable.  People need to make better choices earlier in life on how to eat, rest, sleep, and manage stress.  Hiring a Health Coach can help you with exactly that.

Andrew Weil said it best when he said we “Don’t have a Health Care system in America, we have a disease management system.”

Health Coaches are preventitive. Doctors are Diagonsis.

The question I get all the time is “What is a Health Coach, and how does it differ from a Doctor?”


The main difference is that Western Doctors have had little to no training in nutrition and how that relates to disease. If they are lucky of the 7 – 11 years, they spend in medical school, and they might get 15-20 hours of nutrition. I, however, have spent over 700 hours studying nutrition and how it relates to disease.

This might surprise you because, as a patient, we all want to think that our Dr. knows everything. Don’t get me wrong they know a ton of life-saving information, but the system is not set up so that they learn about food and how it can heal not only the body but also prevent disease.

Health Coaches are a critical gap between doctors and nutrition.  

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have a heavy focus on nutrition and lifestyle. These are aspects of your life that profoundly influence your health. You are what you eat. And how you handle and process stress matters.

My primary focus as a Health Coach is getting to the root cause of your health problem. I am not interested in a quick fix or band-aid to mask the problem. If you are treating the symptom and never treat the cause, you will never truly heal.

Wouldn’t you like to get to the bottom of some of your health struggles? In our private coaching sessions, we will peel back the layers to find out what is going on. We explore in detail not just your diet, but your lifestyle.

You can then take back that valuable knowledge and share it with your Doctor. Together we can get you back to a healthier you!

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