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Gluten Free Avocado Toast

Is there really anything better? I LOVE avocado toast. Especially when it’s made at home and I am not being charged $13 dollars for something so basic that is not even organic. ⁠

I like to have avocado toast in many different ways.  Today I kept it super simple and just mashed 1/2 an organic avocado with a bit of sea salt, a squeeze of lemon, with chopped dill and tomatoes.  I used my favorite gluten-free sourdough toast by Cooks Gluten Free bread. ⁠

So tasty. How do you like your avocado toast? Tell me in the comments 👇🏼 ⁠

Hate grocery shopping?

Me too! Before kids I loved it, but after kids, I realized that shopping with two kids was no longer enjoyable. Beyond wanting to pull my hair out as I walk down the aisle of the grocery store it also takes a ton of time. As a family of four, we go through a ton of fresh veggies so I usually need to shop 2-3 times a week.

Instacart has been a lifesaver. I use it weekly and this year alone it’s saved me 76 hours of grocery shopping! That’s a lot of time spent doing more productive things. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a try. Here is $10 off your first order.

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