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How can Essential oils help me?

If you are looking for a more natural approach to health, essential oils can be a huge help.  Essential oils can replace all the common house hold items in your medicine cabinet from tylenol, tums, sleeping aids, xanax, etc.  What I love about using essential oils is that you get the same result but without all the unwanted side effects.  Check out the list below for all the easy replacements!

Reduces fevers, purifies the air,  boost energy, helps ease nausea, and helps clear airways.


Helps balance PH, detoxifies,  natural non-toxic cleaner and go be gone, purifies air, great to add a few drops to your water in the morning to help balance your PH and detoxify your liver.


Calms anxiety, soothes irritated skin and rashes, fights acne, promotes restful sleep.


Nature’s antibiotic. Great for antibacterial and viral infections.

Melaleuca(Tea Tree)

Anti-fungal, reduces blemishes and can be used as an insect repellant.


Reduces inflammation, boosts immune system, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,and promotes cellular regeneration.


Respiratory blend, clears airways, great support for asthmatics, energizing.

Deep Blue

Reduces muscle tension and joint pain.  Great to use after a hard workout, or over the abdomen to help with bad menstrual cramps.


Protective blend – Boosts your immune system, wards off bacteria, and loads the body with antioxidants.


Digestive blend – promotes healthy DigestZen, reduces bloating, gas, and nausea as well as settles heartburn.

Are Essential Oils Expensive?

“The greatest wealth is Health." ~Unknown”

Sometimes I hear people say that they think essential oils are expensive, however, I would have to disagree. When you consider how powerful and potent doTERRA essential oils are, a little goes a long way.  You only need a few drops to see results. Knowing that you quickly realize how much more cost-effective one bottle of essential oil can be.  Want to know more about what sets doTERRA apart from all other essential oil companies read my blog post here.

For example, one 15ml bottle of Lavender has 285 drops in it.  If you were to make up a 10ml roller bottle for stress & anxiety using Lavender I would suggest you put 20 drops of lavender in it, and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil.  You could roll that roller on your wrists and back of neck twice a day for about 3-4 months before having to refill it. The total cost to make it would be $1.60.  That’s 3+ months worth of anxiety relief!  As you can see the cost of essential oils is far less expensive than most common drugs.

Here is a little breakdown of the price per drop of some of the most popular essential oils.

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