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How to shop 25% below retail on doTerra Essential Oils

Becoming a doTerra Wholesale Customer is an amazing opportunity to purchase Certifed Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils at 25% below the retail cost. With this one time charge of $35, you will have access to 25% off all your doTerra essential oils for the entire year, just like you would with a Costco membership.

How To Get Your Wholesale Membership For Free

The best way to get started with doTerra essential oils is by purchasing a starter kit. Not only does it save you a ton of money, but your 1-year wholesale membership is also totally free! In addition to 25% off retail, you get additional savings when you purchase a kit.  It is by far the most economical way to get started than buying them all individually.  doTERRA has a lot of different kits, but below are my top 3 Best Sellers!  If your not sure how essential oils could truly benefit your health and your family read this post here.

Family Essentials

Retail: $200

Wholesale: $150

The Family Essentials kit is a great basic kit to get started. It will cover 85% of all the ailments you and your family might experience.  It also comes with the On Guard and Peppermint Beadlets which are 1/4 of a drop of essential oil and are perfect to keep in your purse!

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Home Essentials

Retail: $366.37

Wholesale: $275

The Home essentials kit has all the same oils as the family essentials kit but 3 times the amount of oil, making this kit a much better value.  This also includes the petal diffuser one of my all time favorites!

Essential Oils: (15ml bottles)



doTERRA Breathe®DigestZen®,

doTERRA On Guard®Deep Blue®(5 mL)

Other Products:

Petal Diffuser,

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Natural Solutions

Retail: $733.33

Wholesale: $550

The Natural Solutions kit is the most popular kit for anyone who is looking to make a complete switch from all toxic products.   Not only does this kit come with all the same essential oils, but it has a little bit of everything that DoTERRA has to offer from supplements, to cleaning products and toothpaste!

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Besides Your Oils You Get A WHOLE LOT Of Education And Support! 

Here is what you will receive after you purchase your starter kit!
  •  Welcome email with a few PDF’s with tons of DIY Roller bottle recipes and diffuser blends.
  • Free gift from me in the mail that will include 4 custom rollers bottles to help you get started and a recipe book!
  • 30-minute Wellness Consult with me. I’ll make sure you have the oils you need and that you’re getting the most of of your membership
  • Ongoing education via email, webinars, and in-person classes!
  • Lifetime access to our Private Facebook group, where we have thousands of members sharing their favorite DIYs and experiences with oils.  You can type anything into the search bar and have instant answers at your fingertips. The easiest way to get educated is by being part of a community of oil users!

Ready to shop at wholesale?  Shop here.